Stories from Grayeyes

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In the feisty years, of Grayeyes’ youth, stories were filled with a preparedness to fight and prove what is right.  Now, post PTSD, it is best to let the same stories show their tenacious balance.  Each one is an invitation into a world of thoughts and shadows where ethics dance between the mind, and imposed rules.

  1. Snake Balls & 911 Walls
  2. Unscented Perfume
  3. Komagata Maru
  4. Serenity
  5. Bonavista Social Club
  6. Split Peas & Spillars Cove
  7. Fiction :they are all good stories but this one is special…and true!
  8. Pacing – a short metaphor tied to autism
  9. Lucky Weapon – a short story of a horse, a dog, and a crisis managed.
  10. Soundwalk – tree frogs, surf, footsteps concluding with a simple dog bark The above soundwalk is a seventeen minute rest, allowing your brain to recalibrate.  

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