stories from Grayeyes


  1. Locum’s Law – written work
  2. Locum’s Law,  podcast
  3. Snake Balls & 911 Walls – written work
  4. Unscented Perfume – written work
  5. Red Bow, Long Hair – 5 minute podcast

Please note that the audio work of Locum’s Law has been gratefully produced by CFRU Interim Programmer, Christopher Currie.  This is the author’s first podcast done in collaboration with Christopher Currie –  an estimated twelve more are planned!  Keep your ears open.  For the hearing impaired there will be written versions in order to insure accessibility.

The three stories are from Grayeyes.  In the feisty years, of Grayeyes’ youth, stories were filled with a preparedness to fight and prove what is right.  Now, post PTSD, it is best to let the same stories show their tenacious balance.  Each one is an invitation into a world of thoughts and shadows where ethics dance between the mind and imposed rules.

They are told in such a way that risk of vicarious trauma, due to graphic imagery, is very low.  They invite you in to the world where police need to make choices, knowing we live in a democracy.  The choices may appear black and white but there is more to be discovered

This soundwalk is a seventeen minute rest, allowing your brain to recalibrate.  Take the moments and listen.  Listen as often as you need knowing the more you train your brain to rest and recalibrate the better your life. The audio recording ends perfectly, calling you to return to here and now, with a simple dog bark.

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