The following are photographs of #Ackersreno in JT’s hometown, Guelph, Ontario. This is no average renovation! It is an opportunity for social change, echoing the past and projecting in our future.  The original building was a furniture store, called Ackers, and it has become part of the Guelph community fabric.  That fabric has been up-cycled through the purchase by the non-profit organization, 10Carden.

As it is renovated the concept of being a living lab and an incubator for change is welded into the structure set to house green travel (bike storage), re-using resources (gray water recovery) and multiplicity (shared work spaces).  Once the structure is complete the living lab can foster healthy social change.

While the structure is being reformatted JT Murphy has documented the story. JT uses a painterly eye, while playing with both abstract and a photo documentary styles. Each photo is designed to be a stand alone work of art, housing elements of both past and future.

Look at the following images and know, as they join together, they become authentic diamond facets, hoping to catch the light in just the right way.  These authentic diamond facets started with an honest market designed to catch peaceful light, for the next seven generations.

The photos are gifted to this living lab.  They are all available for purchase.  The pricing is simply artist cost, plus a donation to the 10Carden project fundraising.


Someday soon there will be a post about the engraved and gilded vault.  That vault fell through the Ackers building floors during a mid 20th century fire!  Speaking of fire….can you see the images smoked with the story of the fire itself?


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