graytuft origins

When I finally found the energy to shift from watching a tree grow, I began reading Diane Ackerman’s “A Slender Thread”. The story threaded crisis line work and watching squirrels.  It was wonderfully written and sparkled in my dulled mind.  As I journeyed through this book I too began to watch the squirrels in my backyard. They played at the base of that same tree I watched grow. The squirrels recognized me and one earned the name Graytuft. The name matched the extra tufts of hair on Graytuft’s ears.  It also matched the softness in sound I needed, as my ears were already strained from tinnitus.

While watching I noted squirrels are preyed on, yet incredibly resilient and resourceful. When I dig deep inside myself it is the squirrel energy that provides what I need. I am forever grateful to Graytuft and the generations after, including Chubby Mary, who bring their children to this tree. The children are now the adults, and they visit when I walk outside – always keeping a safe distance.

To my reader friends and my animal friends…play safe my friends, play safe.


Link to “Artist Intent”

3 thoughts on “graytuft origins

  1. To be perfectly honest I was not sure what to expect when you told me you were an artist, and I am duly impressed and a little humbled. You have a wonderful eye for composition and space and colour. Your pieces are highly evocative even if, I believe, a viewer was not aware of where they might come from, and that is what a work of art needs to be.

    I read something once that said, roughly, that an artist has their vision, creates their work, but it doesn’t become art until a viewer sees it and changes it completely.

    Well done, you.


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