imprinting beauty

A series of seven photo books are evolving in the process of understanding deep trauma and healing.  They are a game, limited to 40 pages and few words which makes them accessible yet concise. Their origins began with a challenge issued by Dr. Ruth Lanius to define “Titrate” in relation to managing life with PTSD.   That challenge was furthered when Dr. Ruth Lanius suggested an honest look at the word “Terminate”.

Good natured challenges appear to foster wondrous things, this time it is a seven book series, using the letters in the word “titrate”.  Each book documents a part of putting things back together. The thing with healing is, there must be a clear “Intent”, a marked beginning, (Titrate), an acknowledged middle (Addictshun), and an understood end (Terminate). PTSD and deep trauma make the ability to move through stages cumbersome, to put it lightly. JT Murphy understands, intrinsically, so when dredged down by drama she has chosen to play, and observe.

Bravery comes in many forms, the highest form of bravery is authentic play, which is exactly what happened as a result. The play began when JT went shopping in life and absconded investigative skills from the workplace, photo documentary talent from professional art training, and social conscience acuity from childhood.  All this fused, in order to allow a gentle understanding of something very scary. The result is something tangible the traumatized can hold and instantly know someone understands.  It also allows compassion and comprehension to those wishing to understand the injury of PTSD, sans personal risk of vicarious trauma.

Each book is a journey in that very marsh of life.  That journey is a wizened search for authentic beauty.  A marsh filters, feeds, and sources our water rich country, yet….marshes are experienced in many ways.   If you are like JT, then you will be bitten till swollen and scratching till sleep deprived, while in a marsh.  Go beyond the bug bites and itch and find clear water. Clear water is always there, after the filter of the marsh.

JT’s marsh was, and is, PTSD.  It is only one of the many marshes in life.  We all have a journey, comprised of grief and joys.  Life is a journey where we perpetually lose and re-find joy. JT uses photography, writing, and art to communicate the journey and allow a window into choosing to be, and feel, alive….after trauma.

Here are the titles and front covers of each book…..have fun and know the experience of turning the pages is life altering.  They are available for artist cost, plus a pay it forward donation to a charity. Each one is a touchstone allowing the reader to find life, again.


Titrate – All about living with confusion.


Intent – Living, alive, while stuck.


Terminate – Safe during the scary.


Rage of Reason – The mind and the emotion in dialogue.


Addiction – Seeing the distractions for what they are.


Truth – Some things are not always what we presume.


Endings Evolve – Evolving out of the rut.


An excerpt ….. from Addictshun

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