Encaustic is a method of painting with beeswax and resin.  JT’s work uses the encaustic process and combines it with oil paint and photo transfers.

The Window (currently showing at Persephone’s Wardrobe, Guelph)

If you look at the window in the middle of this piece imagine that being a close up of a caterpillar’s furred back, for that is what it really is!  The caterpillar shot is enlarged and turned sideways, causing one to wonder if it is a woman’s body.  The bottom left of this work is layers of condos with birds sitting on a fence, once again that is turned 90 degrees. The base image with the mannequin is a street shot, from a more than eccentric storefront in Guelph, Ontario.   img_2484

Horseplay (currently showing at Karger Gallery, Elora)

This work was a bit of fun involving a horse and bird, both from Europe.  The horse is from the south of France, a region referred to as Camargue.  Camargue has white horses, pink flamingoes and black bulls. The bird on the right is from a market square in Belgium.  The image was captured in a moment of panic and the bird anchored a reason for being.


Temporary Time (currently showing at Karger Gallery, Elora)

These work is two images melded together.  The one image (on the left) is from an Ontario ice storm.  Weather had been mild and the buds on the trees were wanting to come out to play. Once out to play the storm arrived and encased their existence, akin to the stories of DNA encased in amber.  The right hand image is of a plane window framing the setting sun as it refracted off the freezing water hitchhiking on panes of glass.  Both images are about temporary time and the beauty of colour.


Temporary Time II (currently showing at Persephone’s Wardrobe, Guelph)

IMG_4086 (1).jpg

Moments in Time (currently showing at Karger Gallery, Elora)

This one is so many stories it is hard to choose what to share.  Let’s start with a bit of fun and have a look at the fence and then look at the black rectangles in behind.  That image is the same one from the first encaustic shared earlier on this page.  The bird is difficult to see but it speaks of us humans, our condos and vacant spaces.  The circle in the center of this piece is electrician’s wire from a local electrical shop.  The shop, the electricians and the supplies were doing things the old way and for a brief moment in time more stories were embedded in dust than one could comprehend.


Blue Eyes (currently showing at Persephone’s Wardrobe, Guelph)

The woman in this piece is the same one from at the start.  She is looking, longing to find a way in the forest of light and dark.  She eventually finds out that her way is ahead and the dark is at her back. Just behind her, at the bottom left, there is a close up of a horse’s eye, a horse from Camargue.  Proportion is at play the same way memories play interpretation.


Looking For a Name

“Looking for a Name” has many a story, all of which belong to the viewer, you.


Paint the Town Red

The following is part of a series of 12″x12″ pieces.  The bride is a toy found in a local toy store. She was waiting to be purchased. The feet and suitcase (need to look hard) are from the local eccentric business mentioned earlier.  The red is a barn wall repurposed a few times over.  That wall has a dried flower in the foreground, look for it in the photo section.


This has been sold with all the profits going to 10C project!

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