Finding fog & documenting beauty is what JT.Murphy does with the camera and written work. Formally educated in Fine Art, JT.Murphy combines a lifetime of visual art expression and melts it with the posthumous career of documenting crime scenes. Words, stories, articulable cause, and images paint many pictures in this peacemaker’s life. Use this story to find your own fog and document your own beauty for life is tangibly unique created through interpreting the moments in between what we document.

What is observed above is rooted below.

The camera is the tool used when walking in fog and searching for beauty.  JT.Murphy’s work is about peacemaking with life’s experiences. Though the title of “artist” very much applies, the method used to return to the artist to their work has been extremely inconvenient. Inconvenient or not, JT.Murphy still manages to see light in fog and document beauty.

Softened eyes, tenderized ears, and a throbbing heart are the results of life after a workplace injury.  The injury is commonly known as post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), but more recently it is being referred to as post traumatic stress growth (PTSG). Tenacity and resilience have been the driving forces designing disorder into growth.  Enjoy whatever piece of the journey speaks to you and know that which speaks, is now yours.  


they said
Be a peacemaker, start within go forever.


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