Sometimes we need to look at the evidence. This photo is evidence I have watered the succulents. It is official documentation that I have now fulfilled a promise made three days ago. I was so proud of myself for remembering and allowed my mind to wander the halls of success, the success found only in enlightenment. I was part of a succulent life giving force, a precious moment where I could watch the miracle of rain land and nourish this very plant I promised to keep alive.

I poured the water envisioning rainfall dripping, backdropped with spring scents and the music of a light morning breeze, all the while symbolically nourishing the spirit of our world. What I did not process is this succulent was in a playful mood, not the enlightened mood I had applied, and each petal became a slide from a fun park spitting out the droplets of water in projected abundance.

My romance with rain, earth, and plants gasped as I looked at the mess. I took a quiet breath and caught sight of a real diamond waiting for me to understand there will always be nourishment. That sparkling diamond simply stated beauty, nourishment, or possibly joy shall always be there though they may not come wrapped in predestined packaging.

This world is in the middle of spilling the water everywhere and the people in the world are working hard at trying to remember to walk, talk, socialize, or simply get up in the morning and find food. Take a moment and look at the evidence of beauty in your life, and look for the unexpected. I promise you will find at least one thing today and you will laugh spilling out your tears of joy in projected abundance.

Be well my friends, Jt Murphy signing off for shift.

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