I don’t know about you but I do know that this Covid thing has changed everything. This post is not about Covid as Covid is talked about enough can we finish this sentence with another comment about Covid?

The thing that changed our world is very tiny and I cannot help but think of the Dali Lama saying “never underestimate the power of a mosquito in a tent”. Insert knowing chuckle undertoned with resignation.

I have often written about how we each have our own experience and each experience is to be valued, unto itself, instead of measuring its worth against other experiences. Whew don’t hold your breath while reading that sentence!

So the thing that changed the world changed me too. I felt that what I wrote wasn’t worth reading. I felt there were more important things in the world.

There are more important things in the world AND what we each feel, think, do, is equally important!

What a profound lesson from a very small thing here in the tent called our world.

So just for today remember your voice, feel your wisdom, let the pieces that create magic inside of you pulse, and laugh as you observe yourself.

Jt Murphy signing off for shift.

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