Ok the age old question is “which came first, the chicken or the egg”. This is the principle being answered today. The experts are ready to broadcast, we are just waiting for the audio feed. In the meantime we are posting from the family farm chicken coop.

Hold on! Hold on! There appears to be an answer coming in!

The translator could not hear the response so the kind chicken has repeated the answer.

The audio for the live feed does not appear to be working but we have a written response from our chicken.

Some feathers appear to be ruffled here but the answer is forthcoming!

I am a rooster and it doesn’t matter which came first! It matters what is going on right here, right now.

That people seems to be the end of the interview as our rooster is exiting stage left. For those of you that may wish to have a more enlightened version of this publication here is a wonderful link.

Jt signing off for shift knowing the answer to the question doesn’t matter. What question we ask is what really matters.

For another way of interpreting what is going click on this link. It is an interview with Greg Boyle who works in a gang dense area in the USA. Nearing the end of the interview he talks about setting aside the noise in his brain to Be. Here. Now. when someone asks him to listen.

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  1. Hi. Like so many press conferences these days, I was held in rapt attention waiting for answers to a good question, but received no clarity. However, let me say that I believe strongly that the EGG came before the chicken. Why? Because reptiles, fish and amphibians are more ancient creatures than birds and all have eggs as reproductive mechanisms. Birds borrowed the egg laying technique from their ancient ancestors as a way forward. We just enjoy the rewards on our breakfast table, now. Caviar is just fish eggs, at an ungodly price, enjoyed by the elite. Hope this serves as a long, scientific explanation to provide the foundation for discussion into the void. Stay safe out there.

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