Every post on Graytuft germinated from a scrambled piece of the trauma linked to PTSD. Today’s post takes on a new layer as we are all living with massive shift due to Covid19. The following is a lesson from the book of living with PTSD and it will bring you a new understanding of peace during this tumultuous time.

I see what is happening in our world as a large scale version of what happens in the brain of someone with PTSD. Today our world is getting it’s brain scrabbled, and I do mean scrabbled not scrambled. So with that in mind let’s title what is going on in the world and call it phantasmagoria.

Quoted from Merriam-Webster Dictionary

As your experience escalates, amid the chaos, your reactions are also likely to escalate. Try to remember you are having a normal reaction to an abnormal situation.

The next step is to simply note what is going on around is a “constantly shifting complex succession of things seen or imagined” – i.e. phantasmagoria.

Know you are feeling normal reactions to an abnormal situation and instead of labelling the situation with the fear tied to Covid19 label it phantasmagoria. Do this and you will soften your edges, find a purchase of peace, and discover you are a”fantastic … assemblage”. Do this and, in time, you will discover you have always been a fantastic assemblage.

Be well my friends. Jt signing off for shift.

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