A peak can exercise the same irresistible power of attraction as an abyss.

Theophile Gautier, 1868

Consider the above statement and look at the date it was written. With both of those facts in mind it becomes even more evident to me that the human experience is a siren song haunting the corridor of life. Some doors on that corridor should simply remain closed, some are safer to enter.

Consider whether or not you are seeking an extreme peak or a deep abyss, when searching to feel alive. Know when these two polarized points are sought misery will be unearthed. When we can simply be in, with whatever our state of mind, each moment of our life becomes a pulsing heart of small peaks and valleys, and we know the beauty pulsing in between.

It takes near inhuman patience to savour all the places in between.

The background to this post is a comment I made yesterday. I was looking to be at peace with the depression I experience. I was looking to honour this human experience, without shoving it away nor rushing past in search of bigger peaks, deeper valleys.

The quote has come to me through the book Underland, A Deep Time Journey by Robert Macfarlane.

Jt signing off for shift.

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