If I am predator and you are prey,

then how do we meet?

If you are predator and I am prey,

how does the meeting change?

We are told that birds are today’s version of dinosaurs while we, humans, came from fish. In fact dinosaurs also came from fish, though that is not the story told by Micheal Crighton and Steven Speilberg. The previous two links are wonderfully entertaining, educational, and have very little to do with today’s blog other than they both talk about evolution and involve birds. However, what you can reap from watching them is an understanding no story is linear.

The following is a true enough story….true enough to be believed.

Three years ago, in 2017, Jules was watching a backyard tree grow and someone near and dear to Jules was having open heart surgery. At the same time a rift showed up between Jules and someone called Aaron. Jules and Aaron were both deeply invested in the success of the surgery.

The depth of their mutual investment was so profound it mirrored the rift soon to come between them. Three years later the rift between Jules and Aaron is far from a shadowed ripple, a fleeting haunting of times gone by. It had grown deeper, wider, and stronger and felt as chilly and dangerous as an icy crevice.

Remember the closer they are to your heart, the more intense fly the feelings.

Jt Murphy

The growth pattern from rift to crevice is a similar to the pattern from sapling to towering oak tree. It is a growth pattern where only start and finish are evident, not the minutia in between. Just like the minutia that was part of their respective growth, stories also tether to minutia to keep their yarns alive. The thing is with stories there is no point where any story is totally right, nor totally wrong. No story is linear, no evolution is static, there is never one beginning nor one end.

Now relate what was just said to the concept of conflict. It is when we entrench ourselves in a position we extract ourselves from evolving. That means if we entrench ourselves in the feeling of being victimized and powerless, we cannot find our peace. If we are the offender, or perceived as the offender, we cannot easily move to a position of peace.

So I ask again who is predator and who is prey.

How will their story evolve?

Jt Murphy signing off for shift.

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