Most children cut their eye teeth on images and stories that profess perfection. When that is not the fundamental message there is a cacophony of drama embedded in the images we all experience. How does that relate to the above photograph?

The photograph is layered with stories unbeknownst to you. Stories of roses helping someone special remember to choose life, a scarf warming the body of an injured soul, and a vase made with the excitement of a perfecting glass blowing while envisioning a wonderful career. Those are the stories behind the image and they have been purposefully dressed up to look painterly, “beautiful”, and undefined.

The pieces to this photo started their photo shoot on my kitchen counter. They were lit with the cabinet undermount lighting and a reflection off of a makeup mirror. They were backdropped with a very old scarf held up with masking tape. The following is what it looked like at the start. If you look close enough you will see the roses are starting to dry up and wither.

When we can look in the mirror and see our perceived blemishes as part of our unique story we reap the benefit of witnessing more beauty than ever conceived. Life then becomes something far beyond perfection! Joy is the reward, joy regardless of the filters and dressings.

Jt Murphy signing off for shift

PS – Gratitude to Natali for gifting me the beautiful vase. It was a happenstance meeting where we both understood beauty, yet knew each other naught.

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