There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare, Hamlet Act II, Scene II

I have often wondered about the definition of “home”.

Years, actually decades ago, I did a workshop about the concept of money. Two meditations from that workshop have spawned lifelong learning. For the first of the two I had to meditate I won the lottery and I was to envision what I chose to do with the money. The catch? The catch was no monies were to be donated or gifted. This catch caused a unique voyage in my brain.

The second meditation I had to imagine I had no money, and I mean none. That meditation was incredibly powerful! As the minutes ticked in the meditation I delved deeper and deeper into being penniless and along with the ticking of the clock I understood I still had power. My power was not in the money but in the power of my choices, my actions, my mind, my heart, and most of all in my intentions.

Today, as the sun rose over the city, this photograph happened. Last year the water tower was painted and since it was reinvented all shiny and new it has not held photographic interest, until this morning. Though the water tower and the tree seem to dominate the photograph the bird feeder lights up with unexpected invitation.

During this season of gifting consider doing the two meditations mentioned. Consider adding in a third. One that explores what home is to you. If you need your eyes to rest on something for the meditation use this photograph to anchor your mind as you travel the ruffles of thought. Lifelong learning will be the gift. It is a gift given by a powerful woman who taught me and it is now passed on to you. She has since passed but what she taught has remains.

Jt Murphy signing off for shift

PS – the term urbanhood was coined by Cris Calley Jones, thank you.

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