find stillness

The path of no communication can be peaceful for some. For myself, no communication is extremely painful. I truly hope you are in a place of peace. In the meantime I will do my own work. I will find my way. Now that you are gone how do I change my brain and make this easier? I don’t know but I will learn.

Published in recognition of all who have passed, including the earlier versions of our own selves.

Be well. Jt signing off for shift.

6 Replies to “Pathways”

  1. It is so true….some pathways leads to the silence and you have no choice but to get going. It is painful. But silence is the way to peace, it is the way to learn or relearn to communicate with your inner self. Darkness leads to lightness. I see the wonderful colors in the background of your picture….pink, blue, purple…and i see hope, I see beauty, I see life, I see love.
    Merci à toi mon amie.

    1. If you look what is in focus is at your feet. The distance gets less defined but the colours speak in the same manner the Impressionists spoke about light. Prends-tu soi, mon amie.

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