Today’s story happens to be written on a Monday morning. You get to read it on any day of the week. Whew! Breathe a sigh of relief because you are not late for work and you did not mess up what day of the week it is! “Just breathe and say “ohm” like all human gurus” says Fred.

Your tour guide for this post will be Fred. Fred is charismatic and undervalued. Fred is female and has a dry sense of humour, as you may well of noticed.

"I am Fred, the hired help."

Fred has asked you to remember she does not have a seven day work week schedule so Fred says to imagine one day in your week. Imagine all you did not get done and what you should be doing now instead of reading Fred’s charasmatic post. Fred would like to point out that four sentences earlier you were imagining peace and saying ohm and now that feeling has been replaced with ___________________ . Fred says you fill in the blank.

"What did you put in the blank?! It is hard to hear you!"

The hired help says “stop looking at the Niagara Falls worth of work” and “Look into my eyes”.

Fred said, "Look into my eyes!"

“Much better”, says Fred. Now Fred has arranged your safety gear so you can see The Falls from a different perspective. As always….”safety first!”

Safety First!

It is a bit crowded because you don’t have wings but it is the best Fred could arrange for your experience. Now don’t forget to feel how wet, cold, and crowded you feel.

"Are you cold, wet, and crowded?", asks Fred.

“Squawk! So what there is a rainbow, don’t forget about your insurmountable pile of work yet to be done!” exsquawks Fred. Fred would like to point out that your brain really likes the rainbow and the feelings unfold from seeing a rainbow. Fred also knows you are addicted to worry and tumbling about in the feelings of overwhelm and what needs to get done!

If you cannot imagine it, it cannot happen. So remember your mess, your busyness, your pain and hit play on this TedX talk. It is always worth it to hit play.

Fred has noted you are confused as to why she is called Fred. Have a look at this TedX talk and you will understand why you are confused. You will be very surprised!

Post is done.Don't let the door hit you on the way out!" says Fred

Fred is a bit too chatty at this moment so I, Jt Murphy, am going to have to cut her short but not before she gets in that the GF in the title (GF Fred) is not for gluten free but for gender fluid! Sqauwk!

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    1. What is Henry’s preferred pronoun? Fred would find it most entertaining to meet Henry. You are invited to arrange a meeting. Remember though, “Safety First!”

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