What you may not know is each and every post published is my way of trying to retrain my brain. Our brains are on a train running a course we may not wish to travel. I use these posts to get off the train and rework my thoughts. If I can write it, I can think it, consequently I can live it instead of wrestling the demons of terror that play in my brain, courtesy PTSD. Retrain can happen…it may take some grit and a lot of grind but why not?

Acadian Coastline, Nova Scotia

All of us have a story and there are moments where it is tough to find the positive in our story. It is tough because we are hardwired to look for danger, threat, and be on guard to detect other catastrophic events that will end our existence! (watch out Chicken Little!) This means there is more time spent managing negative thoughts than positive thoughts. This fact is scientifically proven so let’s got to TedX and see what we can learn? If you wish to skip the science ask the guys at the end of the post what they have to say.

Before the post finale how about we accept it as a fact that we are hardwired to watch for hazards?

Adventure Marks, Nova Scotia

Hazards generally result in adventure marks, do they not?. If we call this normal and frame our marks from trauma, grief, agony as “Adventure Marks” all of a sudden the experience is honoured and the degree of injury does not cut so deep. No matter what we want to feel, those marks are NORMAL. They are not to be strung up with shame and sorry but to be real and unembellished.

You see, life comprised of pain among other things. Without pain we live a mere shadow of an existence. Without pain there is no life. OK pretty heavy and considerably heady, so how about you ask these two what they have to say about this whole business?

Scarecrow Festival Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia

Jt signing off for shift feeling deep gratitude for your time.

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    1. Thank you. I read your tears post. I will certainly return to your website.

      I often say “there are a thousand angels waiting on baited breath to catch a tear so they can be close to that emotion”.

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