The title of today’s post is inspired by a homeless woman singing an aria, in a Los Angeles subway. The video was done by an officer on night shift and it was is a woman with a name and a story. Night shift was mysterious for a police officer. The night cloak caused your heart to pump wildly, while insisting it grow inordinately, as you worked your beat sleep deprived and caffeinated. It is almost two decades later and I am still etched by the beauty and power of those I met during the dark hours. Here are three flashes from the dusty box of memories, flashes only witnessed in the dark.

There was the man who etched a memory forever tied to Cat in the Hat. He approached walking down the center of main street, effortlessly carrying a massive black and orange construction pylon over his head. He was a brick layer and his hands were scuffed from either the job or from punching a concrete wall. There was the ever so weathered wiry person who could be a piece of acid anger in line waiting for a food bank meal. In the wee hours of the night that acid transformed into drumming on a street corner, drumming with such ferocity, precision, and feeling that I was moved stillness feeling my feet anchored to the concrete sidewalk. There was the older person who loved to yodel and would serenade me, with vibrato, while wearing a weathered corn husk cowboy hat. These are a few of the many stories today’s link has conjured.

Why do I ponder these thoughts today? I ponder them as the ghosts of feeling worthless try to carve more holes in my being. I am sure you know this feeling, as the fear of worthlessness is commonplace. What isn’t commonplace is our own individual story. No sunset is the same, particularly when we take the time to watch. In finding moments of beauty shadows of worthlessness move backstage where all of us attempt to cut worthlessness from our life. All three of these flashes are of homeless people who seem to have found a way to celebrate their unique beauty.

Jt signing off for shift.

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