I was informed being a Mother would be the most gratifying job ever. The subtle footnote to that information was; it would also be the hardest job ever. I contemplate the verity of both statements as my children work out a dinner time row. I must admit using the fait accompli term “work out” is pushing the envelop as they turn their teenaged faces into contortions I would prefer never witness. As I watch more contortions and hear more guttural tones rasping through clenched teeth and I think there must be some conspiracy because it is only now am I informed the job (of parent) never ends.

Parenting = Wonder, Awe, and Danger if not managed with intentionality

Many thanks to all the Mom’s and every parent, pseudo parent, adopted aunt or uncle that care for the next generation. We all have our work cut out for us because that role requires we grow, adapt, and stretch out our aging neuroplasticity while hold onto threads tethered to being being peaceful and authentic while on task. This is no small task.

The title of this post is “U Give” is part of the acronym THUG. How could I possibly put the word THUG on a Mother’s Day post?!! It comes from the book”The Hate U Give” written by Angie Thomas. The story demonstrates brave parenting and challenging personal growth whilst experiencing violence, gangs, poverty, social disparity, peer pressure, and profound community. All of this is centered around a racially questionable police shooting. The book has recently been turned into an inspiring movie by George Tillman Jr. What better way to acknowledge the task of parenting then by honouring a writer and a directer that nailed it!

JT Murphy signing off for shift knowing the fog is in seeing presumed truths differently while knowing beauty is in finding one’s authentic voice.

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  1. Etre mère est de loin le plus difficile défi dans la vie d’ une femme. Tu as raison. Tellement de portes à pousser, de murs à franchir et de détours à prendre, un vrai labyrinthe !! Mais même si je tourne en rond , le regard de mes filles et l’ amour qu’ elles me renvoient me donne le courage de continuer…avec ou sans mes bottes de lieux!!! Gros bisous

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