self doubt

This is a very small paperweight made at Blown Away Glass Studio in Elora. It has glass bubbles encased inside that seem to speak of plants, another world, or growth. The colours are teals, greens, amber, and hints of blue. It is very small and quite magical.
Self doubt and a glass bubble

I am the size of a Robin’s Egg. While I was being created my person thought I was too small and understated. Today my person is dusting off self doubt and a bit of loneliness only to find what was originally “too small” and “understated” were perfect all along.

Maybe when self doubt comes into our minds we have forgotten to see the little things that mean so much?

Jt Murphy signing off to brave seeing the small joys. One of those joys is hearing back from you and seeing people are touched by what is set free for your perusal and contemplation.

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