Do you see what I see?

It was a stormy overcast day that held no chance for sun. That was the forecast, except for a brief moment when the sun echoed its existence and the wind blew hard on the clouds. For a brief moment the forecast was wrong and a wall of what was an icy storm, replete with hardened precipitation, was held at bay.

It has been a long hard winter for all creatures and just when I wonder how much more I can take I find my camera in hand and a metaphor on which I can cling, straining already white knuckled fingers. I hear myself sing the winter mantra “hold on for this too shall pass.”

Those white knuckles are my purchase in the uphill trek transformed into a precarious top climb. There is no gear, no harness and the mantra echoes as did the sun “Hold on and this too shall pass.” The wind blows holding the icy storm at bay.

Soon the water will warm and soon ice will melt. Around the corner of this top climb the sounds will soften only to splash and giggle again. Only then will the white knuckles release for the landing is warm water who laughs as you, me, and all creatures land in a melted soft embrace.

Jt signing off for shift.

4 Replies to “Do you see…”

  1. Gorgeous! Absolutely beautiful. Winter will pass, she always does. Taking her ice diamonds and sundogs with her.

    Love Martha

  2. It feels impossible sometimes to get on top of winter – and then the sun comes out, ice and snow sparkle and the mountains melt or even disappear. The vernal equinox comes this week with a full moon too, I look forward to a green spring and more gorgeous photographs from you. Awesome.

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