This morning is another Monday morning. For many of us the week shall unfold and work will monopolize daytime hours. My Monday morning involves a hot coffee steaming my view of the melting snow in my backyard. Winter weather does not necessarily have predictable work hours, hence it could soon be a balmy ten degrees above freezing which will result in a dirty job needing done.

Notice what you notice.

That job can wait for a later moment and just for this present moment I will observe what is happening. What would happen if, just for today, you observed what goes on inside your mind? Contemplate that and, just for today, notice what you notice, then simply observe. Just for today take your moments to observe instead of plan, organize, worry, clean, shop, cook, or do the distraction thing called “busyness”. There will be time to pick up all that busyness just like there is time to pick up after the snow melts.

You will find that as you simplify and observe, your understanding of what you are noting will shift, even change. That simple pause to observe will mean moments that have not yet arrived will redefine because all moments are relative.

All moments are relative.

With all that said I shall observe the steam seeking clarity as it rises off my morning coffee. I shall also observe the snow melting to reveal what is underneath. That reveal shall soon warm to a thaw many a deposit left by my canine companion. Your chuckle is nigh and hinges on knowing I will have to observe what I notice in the upcoming relative moments and pick up dog poo. Know I too am chuckling for this job has now hitchhiked on living in the moment and warmed up a sense of humour worth the shared chuckle.

photos of the Service Dog, Char, observing and watching. The last image of three is Char looking at the reader with a quizzical look.
Why for you laugh?

Jt signing off with bags in hand.

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  1. Observing and noticing… not planning or doing… life in airports lends itself well to those activities. This is the pause between what was and what will be.

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