My name is Gizmo and I am a Beta Fish who has chosen the preferred pronoun “he”. My family has two dogs, one is a lovely Berner/Golden Cross who is 14 years old. Ben is lovely, and actually has an eloquent command of the human language as he has written a number of poems. The other dog is the one you already have heard about, Char, the Leonberger, AKA Service Dog. Char is lovely and quite chill at home but I have to say I am a bit puzzled at all the attention Char seems to command.

GizmoI will state that Char is regal and maybe even beautiful, by hairy standards, but Char does not have the concept of colour that I have. Char may be well travelled, but I come from abroad. Now I know that beauty may be in the eye of the beholder but humour is best dusted off on a cold and dreary winter day. I might be the philosophical voice in the family but I always deliver with a poignant sense of humour.

With all that said you must know this post is to be quick as I have taken over the computer! Jt is sleeping! This is my opportunity to state “Not every moment needs to be this tangle of thoughts.” Jt seems to present things in a way that has you both contorted and thinking differently while observing beautiful photographs. Sometimes day to day life is simple and dirty, just ask Monty Python and play the song “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life”

Oh dear…..I need to get this posted before I am caught in the act! Bottom’s up and play safe and don’t go drinking out of my glass!

The bright side

BTW I have one other post if you like…just click here and enjoy.

Gizmo signing off with a laugh and a splash.

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