There is a fluid intersection between what we perceive and how we feel.


The thing is many a  philosopher has mentioned that intersection is far less defined than we may wish. Carl Jung stated consciousness does not come without pain while knowing and understanding enlightenment comes only by making the darkness conscious. Salvador Dali took consciousness and let it melt in the heat of the sun, while painting that detail in the smallest of frames. The Impressionists took the smallest of points to break down light while painting on the largest of canvases. This stretching and shrinking of concepts and canvases is exactly what our scientists have done to in attempt to understand time. 


With all that said look at these images, knowing they break down light. What may not be evident is these photographs appeal to our sense of balance because darkness underpins the image as it melts away in some unknown industrial park. The unexpected reveals hope as the light breaks down and illuminates a rainbow. Time is made fluid as you realize the raindrops rest on the windshield through which you look.


You are set inside the experience, observing. Take a moment and the rainbow might become a central focus. Know it can be beautiful only if the rest of the image frames what you see. 


JT Murphy signing off for shift while practicing being present as real beauty unfolds in that fluid intersection between perception and feeling.

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