There are two kinds of anger, one is Righteous Anger and the other is Malevolent Anger. Both of them go by similar nicknames. Their nicknames may be titled something cute such as Acrimonious Agitation or something dripping a sanguine red while hosting intriguing, yet ambiguous, names such as Malicious Vitriol. In the meantime there are the “normal” titles Anger understood by all of us. Those titles include annoyance, irritation, and frustration to name a few. Regardless of their title they have teeth that can cut.

Anger is something, when fuelled, is akin to drinking poison. Anger tells your mind it is real and requires a voice. It edges in at meals, hungry for justice. Anger starts its monologue with words such as “if only ….” presenting as reasonable you and implying Anger is capable of being sated. Anger is hungry and left untended it will freeze time.

Once Anger has been invited to the hearth at the center of your home Anger will look for a seat at the dinner table. Next, once Anger is a well established dinner companion, it will entice you for a side bar at a nearby coffee shop. Regardless of location, Anger’s malevolent disclaimers are presented as benign giggling gossip but know Anger is bubbling its way into a dangerous poison at the masquerade of life.

Anger will tell you it will protect and care for you stating the betrayal that fuels the tumultuous feelings come from elsewhere.  While Anger plays its dirty game know it is wreaking havoc in your very own body. That havoc will send you down the rapids and you may find you are caught on a shoal, unable to move. It is here Anger will continue it’s siren song saying you are justified.

Your ship was your safe passage to a peaceful harbour of forevers, love, laughter and hope but with Malevolent Anger on board your ship searched finding only disappointment and a mantra of “if only”. Your ship was snagged on the insatiable drink of Anger and you now bear the epitaphanger is like drinking a poison wishing for someone else to die” (Versions of this is quote is attributed to many authors click here for more).

Know there is a place for Righteous Anger and remember Malevolent Anger will always masquerade with benevolent aura. Righteous Anger states your feelings, without pointing fingers, while Malevolent Anger drowns out happiness using pointed fingers, platitudes of betrayal, and snares that brings many a ship to wreck. 

Finding Fog, Documenting Beauty: Jt Murphy signing off for shift.

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