Last post talked about warrior wisdom and how we might eventually find ourselves on the opposite side of the fence from where we began. Today is some playful education about stress…hence the title “Stress Ed”, which could also be spelled “stressed”. The play continues knowing that the word “stressed” can be defined as either a present or past state.

So with any “education” we start with the concepts. Today’s concept is the common bedfellow to that wily being we call Stress. Stress is not terribly monogamous so today it’s bed partner goes by the name Conflict. As always teaching and education are best anchored with a good laugh (accomplished with aforementioned metaphor), willing participation (see interesting list below), and a strong visual (following photography including a naturally occurring optical illusion for you to find).

Read the following concepts and consider where you sit, stand, or do your tree pose. Are you on the fence? Are you on one side in agreement or the other in disagreement.

  1. Conflict is good.   true, false, fence sitting
  2. Conflict is stimulus.   true, false, fence sitting
  3. Conflict is a form of intimacy.   true, false, fence sitting
  4. Conflict motivates change.  true, false, fence sitting
  5. Conflict causes temptation to heal beyond the necessary.   Caution: if you fence sit on this you will find you will be very uncomfortably impaled by a post!

Inside voice called out “YIKES!” and mutters “I hope this writer holds back from what appears to be an altruistic theoretical piece of writing!”

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Jt Murphy signing off for shift knowing today is all about finding peace with things that are uncomfortable. Sometimes there is an epilogue to a shift and today’s is about knowing the next generation will likely choose different gear and games even though the bedfellows will still include Conflict and Stress. Good thing we know about neuroplasticity!

The next generation have gear and are gaming their way through life.


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