Joy has unexpected comrades, including grief. What gift is in front of your watery grief as your eyes hold a reservoir of wet tears? Let them fall and find they will roll, turning sweet tear shaped memories into pearls of wisdom and joy will lie in wait.

Take the time to wipe a tear. One that may have sat in watery memories found at the base of your quivering eyes. Maybe that tear finds a conduit and travels through your body touching the haunts wishing to feel yet again. Those tears, when relished, might become sores and wounds you revisit more than is healthy.  When savoured, through the ticking of gentle time, those tears turn into pearls of wisdom.

One wiped tear may shore up tears that refuse to shed, or it may clear the path to a valley of memories causing release and watery grief. Once that happens you will find time has changed and the world is different. Differences showing up in a scenting of the breeze or a touch of a hot sun baked stone. As you feel old things become new again a timbre pads on the drums in your ears. Those drums echo sounds of life tumbling their way through your unique veil of silence. As they tumble they form a call designed to serenade, just as the cicada does on a hot summer day. Know it will be a short serenade conjuring a distant memory of joy.

Along with a distant memory of joy come other memories. Those memories undulate between peaks of fears and valleys of joys. At the crest of the undulation you will register just how long the journey is while at the valleys you will simply look to titrate the swirling waters sending you off to unknown places as you clasp the steadfast hope called joy.

Many have done this journey but today it is yours, alone. The wisdom passed down from generations include knowledge joy can stand strong beside any feeling you may conduit. This is new information that allows you to understand happiness is a fair weather friend while joy is steadfast, capable of being present in any circumstance if we allow our feelings to flow.  

This much we know is true.

JT Murphy signing off for shift.

This post is dedicated to a wonderful 96 year old woman that has now found freedom on the other side.

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