What happens when you take the time to wipe a tear after having let it sit in the watery valley of memories found at the base of your wavering eyes? What happens is that tear finds a conduit and travels through your body touching the haunts of parts wishing to feel once again. Those tears, when relished, become sores and wounds you could revisit more than is healthy. Conversely when those tears are savoured, through the ticking of gentle time, they turn into pearls of wisdom.

What happens when you take the time to cry? The tears that refuse to shed find their way to that valley of memories at the base of your eyes, and release a watery grief. Take the chance to shed that watery grief and you may find yourself taking time to smell the breeze, or touch a hot stone baked in the noon day sun. Only then will the sounds of life  break through the veil of shrouded silence and finally serenade you. It will be a sweet short serenade conjuring a distant memory of joy.

What happens when you take the time to feel? The peaks noting fears and the valleys marking joys will become apparent as they really are, a trek many have trod.  When you set aside the time to make that trek, and test what it is to feel emotion, you will understand joy is capable of being present regardless of the pervading sentiment. You will also discover happiness is merely a fair weather friend, unable to understand the time it takes to feel peace. 

So what gift is in front of your watery grief holding a reservoir of wet tears?  Let those tears fall and you will find that roll turning from sweet tear shaped memories into pearls of wisdom.

This much we know is true.

Watery Conduit

JT Murphy signing off for shift.

This post is dedicated to a wonderful 96 year old woman that has now found freedom on the other side.

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