Waking up and realizing it is another day means one could feel sparkling anticipation or something all the way down to the blackened tar of dread. Sparkling anticipation comes when we understand how to move in such a manner that the pull of gravity becomes defined as lift and the tar of dread breaks free, becoming thrust. Birds have figured this out. We know this because all of us have felt our feet on the ground and a crick in our neck as we look high in the sky at a bird in flight.

Their wings are shaped such that air flows at two different speeds, quicker over the top slower underneath. Gravity transforms and becomes lift. The beat of the wings find their pulse and scurry air in a pattern redefining drag into thrust. Birds have taken the bodies they have and maximized their experience, both on earth and in the sky.


I cannot help but wonder if all of us in our human bodies could take a lesson from the birds. Life can be tough, sticky, messy, dirty and have a gravitational hold on our freedom tethered to the drag of unidentified beliefs.  I ask what do we change to allow the air to flow at different speeds? What happens when our movements become full of lift and are fueled by thrust, regardless of the situation in which we find ourselves?

JT Murphy signing off after a sleepless night knowing the air will move differently.


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