Locard’s Law


Locard’s Exchange Principle states that for every contact we make there is an exchange of information. That means we leave a trace of ourself behind everywhere go. It also means we take a trace of those places we have been with us when we leave. Today I acknowledge someone I have never met has left a trace on my life, it is John Sutherland. That trace came to me via an unknown someone thinking I might like the Police Commander website. This site has been sent to me, more than once….

 TedX talk by Police Commander, John Sutherland. It is eloquent, moving, coffee break brief, and will leave a noticeable trace on your mind.

Today is February 14th. Valentines is marked with impractical illusions of love. Who knows, love might be all we really need knowing every contact leaves a trace.

JT Murphy signing off for shift.


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