The following two images are from a recent advertising campaign. It is brought to mind as the Olympics unroll with the periodic referral to “ladies” this or “ladies” that. Where is the equivalent of “gentlemens” this or “gentlemans” that? Have a look at the following and ask how you fit in to this binary choice? How do your loved ones fit in?

The english language has a binary element where we identify people as belonging to a gender neutral group (people) or categorized as “he” or “she” when remarked on as individuals. If we are bent on giving blue for boys and pink for girls maybe there is room for the language to grow a gender neutral pronoun? Blue isn’t for boys, it is beautiful and for everyone. … so is pink.. and all the other colours of the rainbow.

Here is your challenge. Make a choice and decide if you want to be “good” and “colour between the lines” or if you want to simply colour. With that in mind here is a link for all you ladies, gentlemen, and othermyn.

 Olympic ad speaks volumes on the subject.

blue is simply beautiful, and for everyone!

JT Murphy signing off for shift.


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