When it comes to choosing to stand up and do the right thing there are two quotes that come to mind. One is “You can only fall off your horse if you ride into battle.”  The other quote involves an intelligent seagull.

Ok, there is no quote from the seagull but this one is certainly intelligent! There is one seagull I know that has published a book! The book is Jonathan Livingston Seagull, by Richard Bach. Have a read, but in the meantime find out why these photos came to be documented.

Today I rode into battle armed with hope, and a camera. I was hunting for the edge of the world where humans fall off because I needed to know I wasn’t loosing my mind.I was hunting for the conviction and strength Galileo had when he said the world was different than the current doctrine.Today my hunting grounds were Niagara Falls and the prize I came home with was a deep respect for the weather, and awe for a fishing seagull.

“You can only fall off your horse if you ride into battle” is paraphrased from something overheard in a coffee shop so, for today, the author is unknown.  Maybe that is the way with most quotes…author unknown.

JT Murphy signing off for shift.

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