Fact or Fiction?

I am told the pen is mightier than the sword. It certainly makes fine deft lines on archival rag paper. Imagine what you are reading, right here, right now, is on rag paper. Now, imagine you are years away from now and that rag paper is rediscovered.

In your imagination you are opening an archival document and you hear a voice sweetly saying you are promised a reward, simply by reading. That sweet voice sits inside your body and you begin to feel that reward materialize into something juicy, something forbidden. That feeling is fleeting and soon replaced with another promise found writ in the inked words you read. It is a promise to be entertained.  That promise is delivered with such authenticity that, when the reward is realized, you find yourself somewhere unexpected. I give you that promise and invite you to read on.


Choices Mate & Become “A Decision”.

Sometimes stories come into our minds and refuse to leave.  Today’s story started yesterday, with an innocent comment.  That comment was articulated with officiousness. It was further punctuated by a timbered voice. The registered hands tied to that voice massaged sore muscles in a clinical setting. Naked under the sheets the comment was capable to reaching deeper than the very muscles being massaged. It was delivered in low rumbling notes as it said, “make a choice…twice…and it becomes a decision”. That low timbered comment catapulted you to a questionable choice from your past.

Next thing you know years ago rush into current thought, because they may have been underpinned with guilt and shame. The massage was completed yesterday and you are now just waking up to a new day. Somehow that old dusty choice is, once again, as fresh as the coffee you are sipping.

Its underpinning meant it could never fulfill your hopes of disappearing and remain stagnant in your personal past. So that compromised choice has fluttered in and you are helplessly juggling those thoughts interspersed between planning daily errands and devising the week’s schedule. A rogue choice is by no means helpless for it has reclaimed its rightful place, clearly stating it might be more than a simple choice.

Imported past is now relocated to the present and it now has a new message. It cannot remain categorized as a “choice“.  You see, while it was fluttering in, another choice was importing in, and then another, and another, and another.  They all merged and found common ground forged in the wisdom of hindsight and the misery of shame. They all collaborate and call on you to see they exist.

They do that with a decisive splat, in that very coffee you are sipping. Any splat of memory is decisively unelegant. – as unelegant as the word unelegant! Rogue choice after rogue choice swirl in your coffee twisting the cream. The fuel for that trebuchet of thought was the timbered voice commenting “make a choice twice, and it becomes a decision”.

The day was going awry. It appeared destined to be buried with thoughts from the past. Knowing the thought onslaught was imminent meant it was time to develop a plan, fast. Regardless, unbidden thoughts would arrive and joust with the daily schedule causing lateness and forgetfulness at best, and chaos in the mind at worst.

The plan was to acknowledge the memories with a curt and quick statement or thought. Once acknowledged there would be a truce called. The truce would comprise of accepting the memories and that fateful statement articulated between the sheets of a registered massage.  Siphoned guilt arrive but a truce will result this time. There is one unexpected side effect. The trebuchet of memories going splat in your coffee are no longer singular choices, they are a collaboration called “A Decision!”

NOTE:  Sweet voices that promise something forbidden … often deliver.

Here is to trusting your entertainment has taken an interesting twist

through the cartridge of that mighty pen. 

interior of the pen

Pen is mightier than the sword…it can even be a window to another view!

JT Murphy signing off to sip a naked black coffee.




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