Today’s thought is forged in the middle of a sleepless night. That thought is found melting clouds of lava as they enfold a tired sun.  It is interrupted by drafted air found lifting a lone bird. Historically those birds have squawked, cawed, and sang what they wished to be understood. Today the bird was silent, and the silence was heard.

That silence called to reckoning logical knowledge. “Each sunset is different” is the logic that can no longer remain a fact stored in the brain, for the air was shifted on the wings of that silent bird.  Something unknown happened and logic melted, only to find the soft folds of intrinsic knowing.  That knowing found purchase in the body and forged its way to the breath held captive inside that ribbed cage. The knowing means the mind is released and the body finally feels the chest expand, as never before.

A new breath is drawn.

JT Murphy signing off for shift, night shift.

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