In successful art there is pacing. It means you discover parts, as you approach.

Today the successful piece “of art” was gifted by a 10 year old boy. He was wearing a reflective brilliant orange vest and carrying a whistle, eternally prepped to blow. The whistle was something that calms him, said the woman holding his hand. They went on their way, feet crunching the dry dropped leaves on the momentarily shared Bruce trail.

The pacing happened when I arrived at the parking lot and read a sign on the back of a parked truck. It was the word Autism, italicized and inverted. Underneath that mixed up word was a clearly legible suggestion. It proposed the world, viewed from a different way, was both engaging, and worthwhile. Layered on that proposal was a presumption the reader would see more layers and maybe italicize or invert some pre-conceived notion about autism….. or something else.

Within a few hours of this encounter a brilliant orange sunset filled the lens of my camera. It happened shortly after I played with trying to catch a seagull wing as the sun lowed on the horizon. That fleeting seagull wing, caught in the brilliant sun, played tricks with my hasty exposure. The result harkened an almost black and white image that echoed the word on that truck.

Just as brains process the same subject matter differently, so have these images. Worth noting, the images are captured, in camera, sans further computerized adjustments.

Jt Murphy signing off… an unexpected sunset.


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