Sometimes the simple question is, where are you…

…in the photo?

suspension of disbelief

Are you the water?

Are you the reflection?

Are you the air?

Are you the inversion?

Are you the happenstance imagination?

Are you the boat?

If you were a piece of the photo what piece would you be?

If you were a piece of the world what piece would you be?

JT Murphy signing off from an unexpected happenstance.

Now that this post has been here for four months it is time I share a story as to how it came about. Of note, I have asked permission from a mother, a father, and an aunt in to tell this story.

Years ago, before I was in the picture, there was a boy called Hunter. He carried the same name as the boat we were on. He was born into this world without sight. He left this world very young and stories about him were shared around me. Those stories brought him to life even as I grieved never having met him. The unexpected happenstance was watching his mother pull out dollar store bubble maker and blow bubbles. We were all on that boat, his mother, his father, his aunt, and myself. When the bubbles were being blown I almost heard Hunter playing and dancing at the thought that his family was having fun. I watched those bubbles and he seemed to speak with wisdom that did not reflect his years. This was the “unexpected happenstance“.

If you have dug deep enough to read this you are deep enough into your own heart to feel it pulse and know they never leave us …. entirely.



6 Replies to “found you!”

  1. Être ou ne pas être une bulle….Quel rêve merveilleux que celui de pouvoir devenir à la fois visible invisible! Se fondre et se confondre !!!
    Superbes photos.

  2. I am just not sure it is a simple question… rather it is a complex and thought-provoking question. At least that is my experience – it is my experience of the question and also my experience of the photographs. What an eye you have JT! An eye for fog and beauty!

  3. You had me pick a card a few years ago, and this is the one I picked. My cousin’s son died at age 3, and I never had the luck of meeting him. Thank you for this post, and for reminding me that they never fully leave.

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