Today, this morning, and yesterday.

Today I shall walk beside friends. It is a walk raising awareness about ovarian cancer.

today knocks

This morning I happened to read Maria Popov’s weekly Brain Pickings and found the opening statement to be poignant. It was “empathy is a clock that ticks in the consciousness of another…” I know empathy can be hard to see in others, or even ourselves, but I know its wings flutter and it is there.

this morning

Yesterday a friend shares the word reoccurrence. That friend will be living through another set of chemotherapy treatments. That friend was frustrated because of rules placing unreasonable barriers on her life due to this treatment. That friend shared they could not travel because they could not get insurance. They are in treatment and they are facing the fears of life. In doing so they are finding those fears are very different from the dreams of yesterday. They cannot realize their dreams of travel, because they cannot get travel insurance.

That friend’s message is …. don’t wait until retirement to do what you dream, live now. That friend’s request was for empathy and awareness of how barriers are placed on the lives of those outside of the “norm”. This friend pointed out how barriers such as travel insurance being barred entirely could be gentled and house empathy in their very rules and regulations.

Yesterday's waiting

Today I feel compassion and will listen to the footsteps of all those walking around me. I know I will feel a sombre ghost in our presence. I also know there is hope found in every shared step. The hope is simple, it is found when we choose to live. That is a brave choice. Today that choice is available, it is knocking, and it is the place to live. The footsteps on this walk belong to those that don’t wait for tomorrow… they are footsteps that live today.

Signing off to go for a walk and live….today.

JT. Murphy

Note: The butterfly bush in this image was a gift to our garden. It was given a number of years ago, given to us from that friend and her partner. This year the monarchs came.

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