The day began with a generous stranger guiding us to a secret cove. The stranger is one of those people who is beautiful, in the way those with deep pools of emotion can only hope to be. Her hair is tied back, echoing a loose bun knotted to history. She is current and a risk taker, all the while singing, wearing jeans, and going for her motorcycle licence.

walk this way

The heavens parted when she came here, then life decreed she stay. Her generosity was thanked with the grown roots of a deep red wine. That generosity is now paid forward, for you to read. Her weathered skin, she wears, is moved and shifted just like the sea rocks coming out of the the old ocean meeting the resistant shore.  Her smile points to heaven. She isn’t a god-fearing woman, she is rooted in these rocks and has found her tribe. She took us to Tickle Cove, past the quilted rock, to a shared yard leading to a piece of beauty.

In that red arch of beauty the rocks were vertical shale.  There the ocean pushed out of the confined red arch and the sound of the rocks and ocean were two conversing voices that bellowed. It calmed me. It is home. I want a home.

I think about buying a property. It is thought tethered to a sense of desperate grasping of something which should reign free. I know I will settle and find my tribe. For now that tribe is only glimpsed from sea. The swell of emotion ebbs and recedes. There are moments of hope, and there are moments of water all around. That water can conceal my feelings and it can drown them. That swell can push those feelings up again, only to find a whale spouting pleasure from the rich, savoury waters full of food. I can do it! Eye on the lighthouse and whale has my back!

Those eyes will lead to Bonavista and a particular Social Club. In that place the sounds of people and hustle and bustle overwhelm the already tender swells of emotion. The Port Rexton Beer pours a TRex Porter and the server sees tears, in mine eyes. That server will be double x Alexx. That server will say “those tears are good for the soul. Out here on the rock we know its ok to cry”.

I order food fit for inspiration to live and consequently find momentary peace. I too have a full belly and a new understanding that the whales know how to rest, eat, and prepare for another day. I cried on this island rock of Newfoundland, knowing it is ok to cry.

While those tears were shed and dropped, they were caught by an angel who then kissed them into eternity. Those tears will live knowing they were heard, and loved.

Thank you to Newfoundland for letting Canada join you! I do agree we have the date of birth a few years off! The following are photos of the puffins, taken after that very lunch you have read about. Also taken in after lunch were the puffins. The puffin in the featured image speaks of knowing each step is valuable and important. We are all on a precipice of life….it is just our understanding of the precipice that differs from one to the next.


JT Murphy, signing off with gratitude.


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  1. Absolutely love “changed my mind”. I wish.

    What a beautiful gift your story is. So rarely now do people take the time to feel. To feel the power of the universe, the power of the ocean, the power of quiet reflection, the power of inner peace, the power of gratitude, the power of simplicity, the power of a kind word, the power of a moment – shared. Thank you for sharing your moments.

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