After finding out the proper pronunciation of the word touton (towtun with the “tow” part sounding like “cow” or “ow as in ouch”) we apparently viewed one, or two, in the sky.  Toutons are fried bread served with molasses. Historically they were used to fill the belly, when food was low. Their nutritional value is nil while their emotional history is rich, as was evident from the proud host at The Treasure Box, Rocky Harbour. That was where we were served our first touton.

As we drove away from Rocky Harbour, enroute to Twillingate, we spotted this cloud formation. Later a local artisan saw the photo and asked where we were travelling.  Once he heard our route he deemed we were travelling the great Newfoundland trinity. He promptly stated, with a sense of invitation, that next time we just come back and stay a while.

touton cloud
photo credit, B.Bauman.

Sometimes the world has a very interesting sense of humour.

JT. Murphy signing off, and laughing, with a belly full of hope.

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