Yesterday the question was about how to feel like one small person has a voice in this big world of corporate decisions, such as fracking. Another place where we can feel very small in a big world is when we experience injury, illness, depression, or heartbreak as we are shrunk by our own whirling emotions. With all that in mind there is an interesting answer found in Iceberg Alley, NFLD.

I called out a question and an iceberg answered. The call and answer game then echoed as the ocean got involved and took the concept of big and small one step further!

Depending upon our perspective an iceberg can appear small, or even insignificant (middle photo). Look at the arrow, on the third image, and register that arrow is pointing at a boat. With size, ratio, or perspective registered then the body may gasp involuntarily sequenced with a sensation of shock. Once the gasp and shock are recalibrated physically, take a risk and…move the camera ever so slightly (to the first image). That is when the iceberg is discovered to be small compared to the body of water it is in.

Now that I know just how small I am

I call to mind a quote from the Dalai Lama XIV …

“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.”

So when the emotions are too big

and I am too small

I can think of a mosquito

and know I have a choice

to make a difference.

JT. Murphy signing off for the night.

the image says it all

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