Just for today….it is important to rest and enjoy. There is a reason why expressions such as “take time to smell the flowers” has anchored so deep into our culture. The following photographs are from one afternoon. They are all the same little spot, a trail in Trout River, NFLD. I was directed to this trail by the owner of a kayaking business.

It all started because the winds were too high to go kayaking hence the owner of the kayaking business told us to drive up to the end of the road, in Trout River. The description included stating “it would feel like I would be walking in someone’s backyard” and was further anchored by stating “that is because I would be in someone’s yard to get to the trail”. Here is what was seen, flowers were smelled and even eaten….

The sheep waited until we were done with the path before they moved on to another pasture. Before moving on they took some time and stood nearby. We, humans and sheep, were a small homogenous group for a few moments. A few were eating the flowers and a few were photographing the flowers.

We all left to go our own way and the humans thanked the relaxed figure sitting on the porch overlooking the yard we used to access the trail. I cannot help but wonder if the sheep and this weathered figure are deeply connected.  The figure smoked a cigar and quietly waved good-bye in response to my articulated thank-you.

JT Murphy signing off.


  • a generous business owner wishing to share the hidden pleasures of NFLD
  • front yard access given to strangers to a path up the cliffs
  • bad weather turning something lost into something discovered

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