Rage is a fine one in this mix. It has a voracious appetite and is skilled at all forms of combat. Rage may appear quite straightforward….even simple. Let’s play for a moment and have a look at one simple part of Rage…its appetite. The twist, here, is to look at what form of combat Rage uses, while filling its belly.


In this case Rage, left to its own devices, will graze passively on what food it can find. Look at a green field and imagine, in the distance, you see Rage just munching away. Sometimes the teeth will grind and masticate the food.  Sometimes Rage has fun stories and will report back having ripped food apart tearing it limb from limb. Rage reports, while simply chewing on the grasses. You believe what you are told, you feel safer knowing Rage can/and will rip limb from limb.


Rage quite enjoys the passive aggressive approach, when it comes to food. In a quiet way Rage will begin to be a familiar presence in the day.  The image it casts on your mind is cattle munching in the field. A hitch will snag as your mind sees this pastoral picture, but the seam between the image and the blue screen is good. The hitch becomes a passing thought. Your mind moves from the hitch and rests, feasting, on the projected pastoral picture. There is no need to find anything amiss.


Then one day, when you think you need that tucked away rage, you will do and say things that are not congruent with who you are… or who you really want to be. You will act in such a way as to give reason for hate. You will, only in retrospect, know you were out of your mind.

Rage had been grazing on the grasses of your mind, all along. When you called, in your time of need, it took on another popular story, unzipped its bovine exterior, and revealed the hungry, starved, rabid, carnivore it has always been. It then, with a ragged branding needle, sewed itself back up, and returned to grazing.


You see, if we really knew what Rage was we would never have allowed it to graze nearby. We never would have allowed it to work its way into being a personal touchstone for our human strength and our ability to act.  Rage will, in the passive aggressive form, eat that which shelters it.

Jt Murphy signing off for shift.

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