Woundings have drama and trauma as their shoulder flashes.

Joy has other shoulder flashes.

Neutral has no shoulder flash, no epaulet.

bravery to be

The goal is to find peace, sans shoulder flash, and allow the neutral to remain as it wishes.  It is no easy goal because our world gives attention to shoulder flashes… particularly the epaulets that echo of wounding, drama, and trauma.

Choose no shoulder flash. Find neutral and then make a decision.

I may not know how to do that but I am willing to try.

Care to join me and reflect on your personal shoulder flash and try letting it go? Company on this lonely path would be wonderful.

JT Murphy, signing off for the day.


Today’s post is a simple need to challenge myself to let go. If I am willing to put it out to the world, then I am willing to put it inside to my body. This post is to that woman that most of us know….MoM and to a friend that has bravely undertaken another round of chemotherapy. PTSD is daunting but those journeys can make PTSD look like a cake walk.

The photo is just that story. It was take on a day embedded in misery and suspicion. Neither misery, nor suspicion could be retained once this unknown canine found my shadowed footsteps.

Congratulations to all those that are braver than I am…you are many.

With the utmost of humility, JT Murphy

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