Definition of a leader:

Someone that knows the value of a team and has the

bravery to lead with humility
courage to follow with integrity

and the wisdom to know their intention

regardless of circumstance

Today’s Challenge:

stop for a moment

Remember a moment where you were brave enough to lead.


Hold a memory sacred in your mind where you demonstrated humility.

another exit

Know you have hidden a place where your integrity showed you your courage.


Play, and invite an understanding of your intent. Then ….


The players in this game will play, regardless of circumstance.

Those players are: bravery, humility, integrity, and courage.

Pretend they are at dinner discussing your latest actions, sit back and listen. Be quiet, listen, and know there is a hidden promise waiting to be fulfilled.  Dinner discussion will eventually end. Once it has ended look down to your left hand and feel something. Feel that a piece of yourself for which you have longed. It was always there, waiting to be invited to dine.

JT Murphy signing off for a simple Wednesday.



Inspiration for this post include a credit to the movie “Denial”.  “Denial” is based on a book titled “History on Trial: My Day in Court with a Holocaust Denier”. Another piece of inspiration to this post came from humbly accepting the teachings of my dog trainer,  Wade Beattie from Canine Support Services. You see I, JT Murphy, live my days teamed up with a service dog in order to titrate the ongoing symptoms from PTSD.

We all have our challenges, none to be more or less valued than another’s.  This story, and others, are shared in order to allow a touchpoint of inspiration, founded in authenticity.  It is a brave and humble choice to dust off a real piece of who you are….this is my invitation founded through word, photography. Today’s post is an honest act of courage, dusted off the shelf of who I am.  Now yoga calls….cheers my friend.

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