The devil asked me how I knew the my way around the halls of hell.

I told him I did not need a map for the darkness I know so well.

(author to be determined, current searches inconclusive)

The above was sent to me by an old colleague, one that has reluctantly found a deep understanding of the injury, PTSD. For today I am farther along than this injured mate. Just for today I am farther along than this mate for they have a resilience and drive second to none.

The military concept of team means never leaving a mate behind.  It also means knowing you will fight with the understanding that survival is an immobile concept.  I never expected to live that understanding so intimately, while feeling so left behind. I never expected this, yet now I find the grace to be grateful. Today I write to those that have felt left behind, forgotten.  We are there with you, you are just in a different corridor than before and we cannot get to you….yet.

The thing is life’s path is not linear, hence the corridor will bend and twist.  The devil knows hows to contort the path and convolute hope.  If you wait and watch you will discover something new. You will discover the path has a spherical range, embedded with a spiralled vein of hope infused with joy.  It is a vein meant to be mined.

A slice of that sphere can be easily interpreted as a race track. In that slice, on that track, the mates are playing a relay race. It is a game. The players each hold a baton infused with wisdom. For the game to proceed that wisdom needs to pass to the next person.  To have the pass be successful there must be intent, contact, and solid reception.  In all of this there can be misery and confusion but there is more to be found, for there is also joy.

Rest assured… the devil knows joy,  for if the devil did not, then the corridors would have easier exits. That means the devil knows both beauty and misery.  The devil has provided us with a game, an end game.  The devil’s game is to present an illusion. The illusion is your predetermined destination. That preconceived destination is where the misery lies dormant. The misery can come to life if the goal is not tempered by the simple knowing the misery itself is but a moment in time. You see…the devil really is in the details. Details like trying to change what is in front of our own senses. Details like trying to feel different than we feel. Details like wanting to be somewhere else, someone else.

Take that tidbit of information and trust that satan’s corridors also house joy and beauty. You see, misery cannot live without it’s counterpart. Accept your misery, and listen to the whispers underneath.  Once you hear those whispers, the sounds become clearer. Once the sounds are clear they may move to a chant, a scream or a curdled crawl of something yet unnamed.  Stay there. Be there. Begin again.

There are whispers under those sounds.  Next thing you know there are spaces between the sounds.  Eventually those spaces become an anchored counterpart to the confusing confluence in the corridors you walk.  Those spaces, when moving slower, become vast openings of opportunity.

They are satan same, viewed differently. How is that for a twist of fate?

Julianna T.Murphy signing off for shift.


The following is a visual journey of what was just writ.

Suit your sense of communication and enjoy.

Kindly consider forwarding this to a mate lost in the corridor….know your intentions are honourable and know you didn’t leave them behind.



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