A few short weeks ago you were teased with the post titled “Wicked” which included a cameo shot of Guelph Writer, Jess Webb.

Further that,

A few short weeks ago little did any of us know, the eve of June 12, 2017 would mark the first heat wave of the summer and Jess Webb’s second book, Pathogen, would win the 2017 Lambda Literary Award for Lesbian Mystery. This award is considered the most prestigious LGBTQ literary event in the world!

Pathogen, Jessica L. Webb, Bold Strokes Books, beat out a formidable pack of competitors:

To put things in perspective Pathogen is the second book in a trilogy centered around Kate and Andy.  The set is sequenced, Trigger, Pathogen, Troop 18.  It is a tight trilogy that takes the reader through a wrought iron story, forged and turned on heated steel. The three books are designed to have your mind both entertained, and hungry to read on. As the read unfolds there is another heated strand entwining your mind.  This strand is uncovered while you are afforded a brief view into the private lives of Kate and Andy.

Pathogen is centered around these two private people, Kate, a physician and Andy, a RCMP officer. They both identify as women and happen fall deeply in love while they work at unravelling complex RCMP cases.  The process of unravelling cases also means love is dusted off a shelf where one character has hidden old secrets. The complexity of the investigation matches the profundity of the love and while complexity and profundity are jousting they cause an internal story to unravel.  That story is tied to one of the main characters and that story is informed by secrets from the aforementioned dusty shelf. This is Pathogen. 

In the meantime the world has noticed and recognized a refreshing take on an age old concept. The perspective is courageously penned by Jess Webb and boldly published by Bold Strokes Books. Credit to Jess Webb, an early morning riser, who writes at dawn.  She is interrupted only for a sip of tea and a literary consultation, courtesy of her cats.  When the morning ritual is complete she moves to care for her family before going off to her full time job, within the education sector.

Pathogen is the Lambda Literary Award Winner of the 2017: category Lesbian Mystery. Congratulations from Guelph, Ontario, Canada!

Twisted Webb
cameo with Jess Webb, center stage with her daughter.




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