Our world has notions full of messages that inform us we need to love things.  It is everywhere and we are naive to think we are immune or unaffected.  In a world of unilateral profit it is necessary to convince us we need things. The bi-product of that sales pitch is we look to label ourselves, according to the trend. Trends have no room for our unique spark. Trends snuff the spark in order to make room for the next trend.

After the trend, love is forgotten, or worse mislabeled. Once mislabeled the very piece of our soul that makes us human, our vulnerability, is on the auction block. What is really for sale? Why do some “sales” work so hard to have us “buy” our individuality back from the rack, during business hours….of course.

chains and locks for sale
found image
Old message found in an alley – Ghent, Belgium

The above photographs are all found images. Nothing is staged, nothing is planned. Find your fog, document your beauty and be prepared for the world to open up and comment. Take a risk and be who you really are, you will be thankful you did.

JT Murphy signing off for the day.

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