Betrayal happens when “u” forget who you are, and then find the need to remember that which you forgot. Some of us remember with permanent ink. Some of us conjure memories using pen & paper. Some use a sharp edge of a sword.  The pen remains mightier than the sword, and we shall prove it together, right here right now.

Today your challenge is to put “you” back in the picture using the permanent ink of your mind, the rolling ink that answers a crossword, and a gentle knife on a piece of your betrayed past.  Rest momentarily, view the images, then complete the puzzle. Find “u”.


karma ink

karma work

karma work

interview in chrome


Rest is over, play begins. Start with the word “betrayal”… and apply the following rules.

  1. There is a hot consonant blend you have tripped over – find it and set it aside.
  2. Abscond the hot drink back from the consonant blend.
  3. Place, only the drink, in the middle of the newly created word.
  4. Remove the drawl from the finish.
  5. Add “you” back in and see what you have created.

Choose beauty over betrayal and what becomes shall astound.

remnant beauty

moved from betrayal to beauty

This last image is of something found on the construction site floor. It was likely originally perched somewhere in the rafters, sometime over the last 100 years. Construction knocked it out and there it lay. Our minds have pieces in our rafters, we have charred support beams documenting our histories, and if we look we can find beautiful artifacts. It just means our viewing range needs to shift to the unlooked places.

Background & References 

This middle of the night post was knocked out of my head, just like that curled piece of iron discovered on the construction site floor.  The knocking in my mind happened after reading some of “The Four Agreements” by Miguel Ruiz. The book opened with a gratitude to his mother and shortly thereafter stated the first agreement: “be impeccable with your word”. This post was further kicked into creation with an Upworthy article about a former Chief of Police, Norm Stamper. In that article there appears to be room to grow from betrayal into beauty.  This post was further fused by a news article about a PHd candidate, Lesley Bikos, studying police culture.

So with all that knocking around in my head I find sleep is paused to make order of my chaos. I experience gratitude because you have taken the time to read and play a game with me.  I know we have both made a difference in these quiet actions. Maybe some of our respective betrayal will now grow into beauty through our actions.

Be well, play safe, and sleep with ease my friends,,,,,JT Murphy signing off.

Answer to puzzle:

  • hot consonant blend “tr” (betrayal:beayal)
  • put the “t” back in the middle (beayal:beatyal)
  • remove the “al” drawl (beatyal:beaty)
  • add “u” back in (beaty:beauty)


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