Getting Silk in the British culture refers to being appointed to the Queen’s Counsel.  It is an old word that seems to be tied to wearing silk robes, as one of the Queen’s Counsel. Along with the silk robe also come, the best legal cases, prestige and, by crackie, money! The general understanding is, once having acquired Silk that appointment is yours….no matter what.  No matter what you say, do, or think.

structured scaffolding

The result means portent exploitation of inherently profound prestige! What is interesting is the potential of power to be exploited is everywhere. So let’s be conscious about what scaffolding we choose to build in our world, make it a true “New Era”.


With that said, sometimes comedians can address the miserable facts, found right before our very eyes, using deftly pointed humour! Be ready to laugh when you watch this video.  Once you have laughed, ask yourself, where can you self initiate? Then follow that initiative by a different choice? In doing so you may find your brain un-learning….housekeeping and making room for gentle peace.

JT Murphy, signing off and tipping my hat to Gad Elmaleh. Enjoy the link to the video!

Gad Elmaleh Struggles with U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (w/ Ron Livingston)

looking in glass
where the learning beings….

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