If you really look at the following photos you will find an embroidered flash that tells you fear is temporary, while regret is permanent. When you find that flash….look a little further and you will see another embroidered patch speaking fondly of someone who has passed on. That patch is a memory, always there, allowing laughter to go a bit higher into the ethers.

When you see the weathered laughter on the faces of these women know they have looked beyond fear and found resilience.  When you see their eyes and hear their laughter know their smiles come from resilience, a resilience that is tethered to peace. Know that tether allows laughter to flap in the ragged wind and take you to places you only imagined.

These photos are pure happenstance, just like the surprise of a belly laugh, enjoy and click the link at the end for TedTalk surprise. 

Thing is beyond temporary fear, is always resilience.

Another rainbow flag story about peace, bravery and resilience.

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